Live Cams Pro v1.5 (+ v1.6 patch)

Live Cams Pro v1.5 (+ v1.6 patch)

Our latest release is now available in the app store and it is quickly generating a lot of interest.

We’d like to report on several bugs that have been reported so far:

1) Anyone who had an unlicensed version of Live Cams Pro prior to 1.5 should wait for a patch to be released before making any in-app purchases. The app fails to recognize the purchase even though the payment is accepted by Apple. Users with licenses or new users of 1.5 have not reported any issues, this is only a problem for people who have updated an old copy before purchasing anything. If you have already run into this problem don’t worry, your purchase is still valid and on record with Apple. When the 1.6 patch is released you can use the restore purchases option to resolve the issue.

2) Sort order for private cameras and favorites is not being honored. They will all appear alphabetical. Your previously assigned sort order has not been lost, it’s just not being respected when the cameras are loaded.

3) URL-based camera profiles complain about protocols being present in the url when a camera is added.

4) Editing group names for private cameras always changes the name of the first group instead of the one originally selected.

5) Private cameras cannot be deleted from the list mode.

6) Control button sometimes doesn’t appear (or never appears) for a PTZ device.

7) Audio no longer works for Apexis or Wansview cameras (this has been resolved without the need for a patch. Simply shut down the app and restart it to obtain the new configuration).

8) Astak Mole cameras fail to display video. This can be resolved by shutting down the app and restarting to fetch the latest config.

9) SecuritySpy camera import complains about requiring a camera name but the field is disabled.

All of these have been reproduced and resolved on our development systems but we will need to release a quick patch to Apple in order to get the software out to the customers. This can sometimes take 2-3 days.
The patch will be labelled as the 1.6 release and it was submitted to Apple on Sunday Dec 4 at 11:12am EST.

As always, please report bugs to our email account. Thanks!

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