Status update

Status update

Recently our v1.91 release of Live Cams Pro was introduced on iTunes. It resolves a reported crash that sometimes occurred when leaving a fullscreen camera view. Shortly after release we received reports of problems with PTZ presets for all camera profiles. We fixed the preset issue and released v1.92 to Apple for review on April 26th. At this point in time we are still waiting for Apple to release the update.

Since that time we have also resolved reported issues with the control button (not always appearing). This patch is now under a full regression test in the v1.93 release. We are also investigating the following reported issues:

  1. Some Foscam profiles are experiencing random crashes after being left active for more than 6 hours.
  2. Volume levels increase slowly for Foscam profiles, making squelch and alerts unusable after time.
  3. Panasonic BB-HCM511A cameras receive “locked” message when attempting to use PTZ functions.

Our primary concerns are stability-related issues and baby-monitor features like audio squelch and alerts. Please continue to send any bug reports to

Development continues on Android and BlackBerry Playbook. We have been slightly delayed due to the recent iOS patch efforts.

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