Live Cams Pro v1.92 Release Announcement

Live Cams Pro v1.92 Release Announcement

Clearly we made a mistake on our 1.91 release when we broke the PTZ presets (and some PTZ movement controls). The problem was caused when a network function stopped transmitting authorization info (username/pw) along with the requests.

As soon as the bug was reported we issued a patch labelled v1.92 and then spent several days urging Apple to review and release the patch. They finally did so on May 1 (the patch was submitted to them on April 26th).

Users have reported that the patch works and that the app is once again stable and functional.

Since the release we have also had reports for a few driver-specific bugs:

  • SecuritySpy presets fail
  • Linksys/Cisco presets fail
  • Sony presets fail
  • Some DLink and Trendnet presets fail

All of these issues have been fixed and are under final testing in the 1.93 release. We expect to submit it to Apple later today for review.

Version 1.92 is currently available for download in 96 countries on iTunes.

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