Live Cams Pro v1.93 Available!

Live Cams Pro v1.93 Available!

Live Cams Pro v1.93 is now available on iTunes.

The latest release contains a number of essential driver fixes or enhancements for SecuritySpy, Linksys/Cisco, Panasonic and Axis devices. We’ve also continued to add more advanced settings to the app without re-releasing the app binary.

Most recently we’ve added Axis camera settings for:

  • enabling or disabling configured events (like motion detection)
  • toggling IO ports on and off for Axis device profiles

The camera profiles in our application are shared across multiple models of devices. As a result you will find that some menu options do not load information or settings because they are unsupported by the device or firmware that you are using. These on-camera settings are simple re-creations of the various web-based menus and options that are built into your camera. We aim to implement the most commonly used options so that you don’t have to log into your device remotely to change config.

More enhancements are on the way!

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