Live Cams Pro 2.0 Teaser

Live Cams Pro 2.0 Teaser

Live Cams Pro 2.0 is currently making its way through Apple’s application approval process.  This will take some time so I figured I would post some teasers of the next version.  I plan on providing additional teasers of the revised application until Live Cams Pro 2.0 is posted to iTunes.  At that point the secret is out of the bag as you will have full access to this latest version of the app to play with.

So here we go with the first teaser.  I chose to show you the iPhone full screen camera interfaces.  As you can seen we have made better use of the available screen layout and  more options are available with a single selection.  We have minimized the amount of drilling through multiple levels of menus for the user to get to certain options.  You can also see there is a new record button (video camera symbol) added to the menu so users can record what they are viewing to their device.

iPhone – Portrait

iPhone – landscape












The iPad interface is similar but that’s a teaser for another day.  Visit us often as more teasers are to come…

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