Live Cams Pro Teaser #2

Live Cams Pro Teaser #2

Hopefully you enjoyed the  first teaser and are excited about the new changes that await in the release of Live Cams Pro 2.0.  So it’s about time to show you the newly redesigned GUI for the iPad.

iPad – portrait

iPad – landscape










As you can see in portrait mode the control buttons are nicely integrated within the lower panel.  There is easy access to the on-camera settings from the right panel.  In this case there are sliders that control the various image variables.  So no longer will you have to drill through menus that are 3+ levels deep.

The landscape mode maximizes the camera display with minimal button overlays.  The screen capture shows the camera control display in the bottom left corner.  If you want to enjoy the entire full view with no overlays just simply single tap and the side buttons are hidden from the screen.  Another single tap will bring them right back.

For the Foscam fans out there you may have already noticed that these screen captures are of the newly available FI9820 camera model which Live Cams Pro supports PTZ, presets and 1-way audio.

I hope you are all excited to get your fingers on the new release.  As mentioned in the previous post, Live Cams Pro has been submitted to Apple and should be available shortly.

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