Using the new 2.0 release – General Application Settings

Using the new 2.0 release – General Application Settings

As with any major change to a user interface we’re getting a large amount of feedback and that’s a good thing! Many have embraced the new UI and are even commenting on how they would never return to the old look and feel. For others, the new UI has caused confusion and frustration. Most of this is due to a lack of documentation or tutorials from us about how to use it properly! That said, here are some tips:

1) When you first launch the 2.0 app it will show public cameras by default. We added a vastly improved list of choices for your initial launch cameras and you should set these up immediately. First, click on the gears icon and access the Application Settings. From there you should select General. You’ll find a “spinner” control that will allow you to select a public or private camera category to launch when the app first loads.


2) There are other options on this screen, including the ability to enable or disable the sleep lock on your device. If you wish to keep your device awake indefinitely while watching video then you should disable the option.

3) When taking snapshots (using the camera icon on the video screen) you can optionally share your content directly to twitter/facebook or save the photo to the Photos app on your device. If the sharing features are enabled then a menu will appear after you take a snapshot. Some people have no interest in the social networks and merely want to save to the photos immediately. To bypass the sharing menu you can disable it on this screen.

4) When GPS features are enabled your battery will drain faster. If you don’t use the “Nearby” camera category for public cameras then you should probably disable GPS via this screen.

5) Every few days we release a new set of updated public cameras. The app automatically downloads these when it is first launched (if new content is available). This can delay the app launch by a few seconds so we’ve made it a configurable option. Keep in mind that disabling this feature means you may not have the latest and greatest content.

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