Live Cams Pro v2.2

Live Cams Pro v2.2

We are currently waiting for the 2.2 version to be approved by Apple. It has iOS6 support along with fullscreen support for iPhone 5 devices.

We’ve also added:

  • return of the 9 camera option for thumbnail grid size (was removed)
  • return of list view mode (was removed)
  • return of single tap toggle for portrait/docking mode toolbar visibility
  • movable ptz control buttons (so that video is not obscured as much)
  • more tutorials on the blog (such as using app settings to launch the app with specific categories of public or private cameras)
  • other minor changes to drivers and UI related to 2.0 feedback
  • faster and completely stable video recording
  • ability to activate list mode automatically on cell networks and thumbnail mode automatically on wifi
  • improved application settings screens and options, much easier to understand and better looking!
  • ability to operate external devices like fans, heaters and lights on your Axis cameras
  • H.264 support for Foscam 9820 and compatible devices (using stream 2, you may need to play with bit rates and frame rates to obtain a stable image)
  • eliminated memory leaks from background audio mode, should result in fewer crashes during overnight runs
  • new camera profiles for Trendnet 672 and 651 models
  • audio (listen only) added for DBPower, Maygion 2, ArmorView, Sharx, Astak and Digital777 profiles
  • new SA Tech camera profile with PTZ and presets (no audio or streaming video yet)
  • added REBOOT advanced camera option to Foscam profiles and some Trendnet profiles
  • renamed X10 Profile to Airsight Profile 1
  • removed the GPS Features app setting and now activate the GPS only when the map or “Nearby Cameras” functions are used. GPS is shut off as soon as a location is acquired. Saves your battery!
  • updated Trendnet profiles so that on-camera settings does not require a SAVE button for each panel
  • new SCAN NETWORK feature to automatically discover the IP and port for devices on the local network. It even attempts to suggest the appropriate camera profiles! Tested on various Axis, Foscam, D-Link, Cisco, Trendnet, Toshiba, Vivotek and more.┬áThe app uses network broadcasts to discover hardware and only certain protocols are supported. We will continue to add more protocols and more devices to this.

iOS6 has numerous FUNDAMENTAL changes in app behaviour. Apple only gave us 7 days ahead of the iOS6 date to obtain the official compiler tools and simulators to build with. If you are planning to upgrade your iOS devices to iOS6 you should wait for Live Cams Pro 2.2
Running Live Cams Pro v2.1 on iOS6 will result in numerous issues and broken features (maps crash, screens will not rotate to landscape, video recording crashes the app, and many thumbnails or video streams will not load.
We have submitted our code to reflect these changes in iOS behaviour but it may take Apple a while to review the submission. It is currently Monday Sept 17th and iOS6 is due out this Friday!

As for iPhone 5 we’ve been able to test our application in the simulator on an iMac. It appears to be ok and supports the full screen dimensions of the new device (LCP v2.2 and iOS6 on iPhone 5).
Unfortunately, like everyone else, we will have to wait for a phone to be shipped before we know for sure if the app will behave properly on a real device. Ours is due to arrive on Friday Sept 28th if the pre-order details were accurate.

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