Live Cams Pro and iPhone 5/iOS 6

Live Cams Pro and iPhone 5/iOS 6

Congratulations to those that have purchased the new iPhone 5!  We have received a lot of positive feedback on how Live Cams Pro works with this new device.   We have been told that the cameras display nicely and that it is really fast.

There is a bug that we have discovered when running Live Cams Pro on an iPhone 5.  The menu does not appear at the bottom of the screen the first time the app is launched.  To resolve this simply rotate the device to landscape mode and the menu buttons will appear and you will not experience the issue again.  This  has been resolved in the upcoming LCP2.3 release which we are currently testing.

We Recommend Updating to Live Cams Pro 2.2!

With the introduction of iOS 6 there were some underlying changes made which caused various issues with Live Cams Pro 2.1   If you have not already upgraded to Live Cams Pro 2.2 we would highly recommend it.

Snapshots and Recordings

A new privacy setting was introduced with iOS 6.  Live Cams Pro will need to be granted access to the Photos application.  The very first time you take a snapshot or record a video you will be prompted to allow Live Cams Pro access.  If you inadvertently deny access and would still like to leverage the snapshot and recording features you will need to adjust your privacy settings.  Go to the  Settings icon on your device then to Privacy and Photos.  Change the setting to “On” for Live Cams Pro.  Now you will be able to save your photos and recordings.

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