Live Cams Pro 2.3

Live Cams Pro 2.3

Live Cams Pro version 2.3 is now available for purchase or update on iTunes. We have also put the app on sale (50% off) until December 31 to allow everyone a reduced holiday price. Use those gift cards wisely !

Some of the main changes in 2.3:

iPhone 5 users now have up to 18 cameras onscreen at a time (utilizes the full display area available)


The crashes caused by an iOS6 bug have now been resolved. We gutted the entire networking logic and designed it from scratch!

We also improved the code by supporting DDNS servers from various manufacturers. No longer do you need to enter an IP address for servers such as !

Another change is the thumbnail screen itself. It now shows spinning indicators for each thumbnail until it loads. If there is a failure you will get an error message in the thumbnail instead of the blank grey gradient that used to appear! See this image for an example:


RTSP thumbnails now appear (slowly refreshed to reduce CPU usage).

Audio is now supported on the thumbnail screen. This is experimental and will be improved in the 2.4 release.

When adding cameras the app will now test for incoming video before allowing the data to be saved. If you mistype your username or password you will get a meaningful error message as well!

The network scanner has been greatly improved. It now handles more camera models and more accurately predicts the camera profiles to use for discovered devices.

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