Live Cams Pro v2.5

Live Cams Pro v2.5

Our latest product release (v2.5) has vastly improved the stability and the performance of the app. It also introduces “wraparound” buffers for thumbnails when you have 3 or more pages of images to view. This means that when viewing the first page of cameras you can swipe from left to right and move directly to the last page of cameras. This is most convenient when viewing large lists of public cameras.

We’ve got a 2.6 release waiting for Apple to approve and it will resolve some of the reported bugs in v2.5.

  • On iPhone devices the lower toolbar of the single camera video screen sometimes shifts down after assigning the camera to a group.
  • Linksys/Cisco profiles have audio disabled in v2.5 but this has been corrected in 2.6
  • On-camera settings dialog does not display properly after rotation on iPhones
  • Certain gestures on the thumbnail screen cause the cameras to stop updating. This may appear as a “frozen” set of images or the screen may go blank. Fixed in 2.6 but a temporary workaround in 2.5 is to select the cameras to load again (from the camera icon on the main toolbar).

Our Android product is nearing completion and will be ready for an initial release shortly. We will be supporting phones, tablets, Google TV and Blackberry 10 devices (via Android emulation). The product will have a limited set of manufacturers and models supported in the first release but future updates will grow the list.

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