Contacting Support – Help us help you!

Contacting Support – Help us help you!

Just a quick note to those of you who actively contact our tech support staff for assistance via email.

We receive (and answer) hundreds of emails during the average week. Roughly half of the emails are descriptive and provide good information about what it is that the customer is attempting to do and where they are needing some help.

Unfortunately this means that the other 50% of our requests for email support are not providing details and it forces us to go back and forth a few times to establish what question is being asked.

For example, an empty email with the text “My camera doesn’t load, please fix it” doesn’t tell us anything about the make or model of camera being used, whether it ever loaded in the app before, whether or not the network setup changed or if the camera firmware or iOS software was updated since it last worked, etc. It’s also quite possible that the device in question is not even in our supported devices list.

We also get a large number of emails regarding public cameras being offline, or poor living conditions for certain animals on camera, lens out of focus, etc. It’s important to note that (for public cameras) our application is merely a viewer for cameras that are owned and operated by people all over the world. We cannot contact the owners and do not have any ability to influence the quality or location of the camera views. If a website is displaying video for a camera and the same camera is failing to load in our application then we would certainly like to know.

We urge our 2+ million customers to use some common sense when asking questions via email. Remember, the less time we spend answering emails, the more time we have to develop and enhance our software offerings!


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