Blue Iris support added to myLiveCams for Android

Blue Iris support added to myLiveCams for Android

Only 1 day after our initial Android release of myLiveCams we’ve put out our first update. The update adds:

  • Audio playback for Foscam 9820 and 86xx series devices
  • D-Link 9xx and 1000 series drivers, including audio playback
  • Blue Iris v3.x support, including PTZ, Presets, 1-way audio
  • HTTPS / SSL support for all existing drivers

These changes reflect our ability and desire to rapidly improve the application and bring it up to speed with our iOS offerings.

Users of the popular Blue Iris desktop software for PC computers can now add an unlimited # of cameras from the software and view/control them from our Android app. This includes any make/model of USB webcam, DVR, NVR or IP Camera supported by Blue Iris. We intend to look into adding support for playback of stored video clips as well.

In the near future we hope to introduce PIN protection when the app is launched or resumed, in addition to pinch-zoom functionality for the fullscreen video activity.

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