myLiveCams now available on Amazon app store, Google Play

myLiveCams now available on Amazon app store, Google Play

We have been hard at work on our Android product “myLiveCams”. The foundation has been laid and we are now going full ahead with driver porting efforts so that we can offer the same camera compatibility as we have with our iOS product “Live Cams Pro”.

Most recently we have added myLiveCams to Amazon’s app store after we successfully purchased and tested the app against a new Kindle Fire HD. The Kindle handles the application very well and seems to perform quite nicely even under load. It supports most of the features of myLiveCams with the exception of background audio. We hope to see some reviews from Amazon users in the near future, as today is the first day it is available in the store.

Our latest enhancements for myLiveCams:

  • Two-way audio support for Foscam 9821W and 9818W, along with Axis cameras (using VAPIX 3.x or newer)
  • Drivers added for Wanscam JW series and several IPCam Central models
  • More layouts for the thumbnail screen, now supporting between 1 and 8 cameras at a time, more planned.
  • Added image orientation options to rotate views 90 and 270 degrees for wall-mounted cameras
  • Improved performance and stability

We are actively working on two-way audio support for more camera models and new drivers for ACTi, ABS, Dericam, DBPower, Maygion, Armorview and more!

Edit – Less than 4 hours later we have a new release and it contains drivers for ACTi, ABS, XVision, SA Tech, Bewan, Alfa, A-MTK, Smart Industry

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