Updates for myLiveCams (and free version) for Android

Updates for myLiveCams (and free version) for Android

We’ve rolled out yet another update (our 15th so far!) to our Android products today. This newest update includes many new camera models and model-specific enhancements. Most notably we’ve added G.726 support for Panasonic cameras and we’re preparing to add the codec to various other devices that support it (such as Axis, Sony, ABS, XVision, and more).

Improvements for Foscam owners include support for motion on/off controls for the 89xx series. The app is capable of toggling the current detection status without clobbering other schedules and options. No other apps we are aware of can handle this.

New camera drivers are too numerous to discuss here. Please check this website or in the app itself to see the list of supported vendors and models. There are still more planned and under development! We also hope to backfill many of the drivers as time allows so that we can add audio support, ptz support and on-camera settings for those that are currently lacking.

In our next few releases we expect to have two-way support for Foscam 89xx series. We are also working on the “Scan Network” feature and the sequence mode (for cycling through cameras automatically). Once we have most of these done and in place we will start to tackle the H.264 integration for various cameras, starting with the Foscam 9821 models. We already know how these work since we’ve had support for 9821 H.264 in our Apple products before the cameras were even publicly available. The challenges are technical in nature and we’ve kept these off the development plans until we could enhance other areas of the application and get the basic features in place.

Our customer support so far has been fantastic. There are thousands of users already installed and we expect several thousand more before the holiday season. Our goal is to have a user base of over 10,000 people before the new year. We are also aiming to outperform our competitors with our features and implementation so that we are the undisputed go-to app for IP camera viewing on Android devices. Thanks again for your support, and if you haven’t tried the app yet, go and grab a copy of “myLiveCams Free” on Google Play” to see what this is all about!

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