Monthly Archive:: September 2013

Unfair business practices

We get hundreds of emails every week from our customers and business partners. Lately we seem to be receiving a disturbing number of spam mails from companies offering “5 star reviews” for a fee. We have always rejected these requests and feel the need to warn consumers about such practices. … Read more

Configuring Live Cams Pro 3.4

We’ve made a few cosmetic changes in version 3.4 regarding the startup options for Live Cams Pro on iOS. Here’s how to make the most of your app: Launching the app with a specific set of cameras each time Prior to version 3.4, the option for setting the launch camera … Read more

Known issues with Live Cams Pro v3.3

As everyone starts to download and play with iOS7 today, it’s time for a status update. We submitted v3.3 to Apple 1 week ago to ensure that it was approved in time for the iOS7 deadline. We did have some unfinished work which had to be pushed to the next … Read more
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