Configuring Live Cams Pro 3.4

Configuring Live Cams Pro 3.4

We’ve made a few cosmetic changes in version 3.4 regarding the startup options for Live Cams Pro on iOS. Here’s how to make the most of your app:

Launching the app with a specific set of cameras each time

Prior to version 3.4, the option for setting the launch camera group was found deep in the configuration menus. We have moved this so that it takes fewer steps to configure and so that it is more visible when using the app. If you have added your own private cameras into the app and would like to see them whenever the app is launched, follow these steps:

1. Click the camera icon on the lower toolbar of the main screen. This brings up the usual camera group selection screen. Use the switch at the top of the panel to select “My Cameras” instead of Public Cameras.

2. Find the group you want to launch with the application (usually “All Cameras”) and tap the little wrench icon found on the same row. The wrench icon is currently very tricky to select due to the small icon size. We have already increased the size and sensitivity in the 3.5 release but unfortunately the software is still undergoing changes for other improvements before this fix can be rolled out. (status as of Oct 22)

3. Select OK to set the group as the default cameras to launch.

Camera Selection screen IMG_0505

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