iOS7 support, new app logo, Android, Foscam 9821 V2 and more

iOS7 support, new app logo, Android, Foscam 9821 V2 and more

iOS7 is on the way, and Live Cams Pro for iOS has full support for the new firmware. As of our 3.3 release we have changed the menus and improved many features so that using the application becomes simpler and more intuitive. We have also taken the opportunity to change our app logo so that we can silently communicate the iOS7 design compatibility. Our new logo still contains a webcam with a green backdrop, but the beveled edges are gone in favor of a simple gradient background. Many iOS7 icons are now featuring this design style and our app will now fit in with the rest.

LiveCamsPro7-152  You may notice that our icon is identical to the Android version except that it contains a green background where the Android version is transparent. This is intentional. We want our customers to recognize our software across various platforms but also recognize that they are not necessarily identical products. The Android product “myLiveCams” is similar to iOS because it has IP camera support along with PTZ and audio. The difference is that the Android software does not contain any of the public camera listings that we have in the Live Cams Pro product for iOS. We will be building and releasing a separate, 99 cent Android version of the application which will be solely used for public camera viewing.


Several of the changes to the new iOS version are in the main thumbnail screen. Most notably:

  • The icons on the lower toolbar have been slimmed down to match the iOS7 look and feel
  • The “i” icon for contacting us and viewing our social networks has been removed in favor of a simple menu addition to the settings button. Just tap the new wrench icon and select “Contact Us” to get to our website in a browser. From there you can read our blog, chat with others in our discussion forums, launch our twitter page or send us an email.
  • The main camera selection screen/popup has a simpler look and feel. The switch for public/private cameras is now embedded in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Each item in the list below contains a wrench icon and when clicked, a context sensitive menu appears. The menu will allow you to designate the selected camera group as the default “launch” group to load when the app is started. If the group contains private cameras then you will also have the option to rename the group (except for “All Cameras” and “Favorites”).

When adding your own camera it will now be easier to find your make/model in the profile selection screen. After clicking on “Add Camera”, the app will take you into the camera details screen and you can click the “Change” button next to the default camera profile (we default it to Foscam 891x series). Previously, the list was separated into groups of IP cameras, DVRs, Software and URL profiles and the search feature only worked by finding matching text in the profile name. The new screen shows all available profiles in a single list and the search feature can find text in the profile name or in the list of supported models. If you want to find “Foscam 9821 V2” in the list you can simply tap the search field and type “9821”.

Several of our screens and panels have now been cleaned up by removing the background graphics. This follows the suggested GUI design by Apple where the content should be the focus and not the menus or layouts. We are redesigning our PIN-code entry screen for securing the application against unwanted access. Version 3.3 contains a slimmed down pin-entry screen while we work towards a much improved look and feel in the upcoming releases.

Android users are getting regular updates as well, including dozens of new drivers in the past few weeks and audio capabilities for many formats. We are now working on H.264 support and hope to have MPEG4/H.264 capabilities completed in the coming month. “myLiveCams” for Android is rapidly catching up to our iOS product with regards to features and drivers, all while maintaining a solid 4+ star app rating.

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