Known issues with Live Cams Pro v3.3

Known issues with Live Cams Pro v3.3

As everyone starts to download and play with iOS7 today, it’s time for a status update. We submitted v3.3 to Apple 1 week ago to ensure that it was approved in time for the iOS7 deadline. We did have some unfinished work which had to be pushed to the next release and here’s the list of known (and resolved) issues:

  • Adding a camera with a blank password causes an app crash
  • Rotating the device while in a screen launched from the fullscreen video will cause the navigation bar (top toolbar) to disappear.
  • The system status bar appears on the thumbnail screen or text-mode camera lists at times when it should not.

These have been resolved and will be released in v3.4 to Apple tomorrow. We will be asking them for an urgent review in order to reduce the normal review delays (typically 8 days for a normal review, 4 days for an “expedited review”).

Additional tests are being performed for specific camera profiles to validate user-reported issues. None of our camera drivers were altered in v3.3 and therefore any camera-specific issues must have been present in v3.2 (or earlier) as well.

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