Live Cams Pro 3.6 (and upcoming 3.7)

Live Cams Pro 3.6 (and upcoming 3.7)

The latest release (3.6) is on iTunes and for most users it is performing well. As with any major release we’ve had a number of ┬áreported bugs and can report status on the most critical issues and fixes (these will be part of 3.7):

1) The video recording feature sometimes crashes when selected. We have identified the cause of the problem and fixed it in the next version. It was caused by devices with particular audio channel layouts that our app could not handle.

2) Some cameras still appeared “zoomed” after selecting the thumbnail and then viewing the single camera video. We’ve solved this as well. The images were being shown at native resolution but were too big to fit the screen. To fix this we now properly reduce the image to fill the display while maintaining proper aspect ratio.

3) Some MPEG4/RTSP/H.264 streams are failing when they used to succeed. This affects Lorex, Sharx, Y-cam, Brickcom and many other MPEG4 sources. It is a bug in a third-party library that we use for decoding. We’ve since downgraded the library to an older version to resolve the issue until the developers can resolve it properly.

4) Cameras that use “cookies” as part of their authentication technique no longer work properly. This is fixed in 3.7 (examples are Cisco VC240, Heitel DVR)

5) Tenvis ipRobot3 audio was failing in the 3.6 release but has since been corrected. Reboot your device and launch the app to obtain the new settings.

6) Foscam 9820 devices fail to transmit audio with the microphone button. This was because the camera supports two codecs and the transmit function always assumed a particular setting. The 3.7 release detects the current setting and transmits accordingly.

7) Some HTTP commands using “POST” methods fail in 3.6 (some cameras use these for PTZ, others for on-camera settings). This has been fixed and tested in 3.7

We intend to release version 3.7 to Apple (for review) by close of business on Monday Dec 2.  It will contain all of the major bug fixes that we have resolved and tested. We will not attempt to introduce new app features in 3.7 and instead wish to ensure that all existing camera drivers function as expected. Submissions to Apple usually take 5-8 days before they are approved and appear in iTunes.

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