Adding private cameras into Live Cams Pro

Adding private cameras into Live Cams Pro

To add cameras:

1) Launch the app

2) Press the “+” sign on the lower toolbar to add a camera

3) See the default “profile” on the add camera screen and notice it is called “Foscam 891x Series”. If the camera that you are adding is a model that begins with 891 from Foscam then this is the correct profile. If not, press the Change button and then in the next screen you should scroll through the list and find a profile that lists your manufacturer and model # (or something as close as possible if it is unlisted).

4) Enter the IP address of the camera (if you type into a browser to view the camera, the IP address is

5) Enter the HTTP port of the camera (default is 80, change this if you altered the default in the camera and type something like into a browser, the port is 8000 in this example)

6) Enter the username and password of the camera login that you wish to use. The login must work in a browser.

7) If your camera supports multiple streams or channels and the “channel #” field is enabled, set the channel or stream that you wish to view. Some profiles require a specific video format, like MJPEG and you will be instructed to select a valid channel that currently outputs this format. If the channel # field is not enabled then you can ignore this step.

8) Press Save to save the data.

9) If the camera loads on the thumbnail screen, the data is correct. You can single tap on the image to load the single-camera view along with audio/ptz controls and other options. If the camera fails to load and an error message appears, tap and hold on the error until a menu pops up, click “Edit” and then alter settings to try again.

To load your private cameras into view, click the camera icon on the main toolbar of the app. Select “Private” instead of “Public” from the top of the screen that appears, then select “All Cameras”. You can also click the wrench icon next to “All Cameras” to set this group as the default set of cameras to view whenever the app loads. Any of the groups may be set as a default, including the public camera groups.
If you wish to add multiple cameras of similar types, tap and hold the thumbnail of one camera after it is added, wait for the pop up menu to appear, then select “Duplicate”. Change the necessary fields for the new camera compared to the original one and press save.

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