Live Cams Pro 3.8

Live Cams Pro 3.8

We’re now running longevity/stability tests on the 3.8 release of Live Cams Pro for iOS. Once we are satisfied that it meets stability requirements we will submit it to Apple for review.

It contains a number of fixes for issues identified in 3.7:

  1. Rotated images (using flip/mirror/90 degrees/270 degrees options in the edit camera screen) were black and white for some cameras.
  2. Rotated images (see #1) had memory leaks resulting in app crash on iOS7.
  3. Preset assignments failed for Foscam 8620
  4. Preset movements failed on Foscam 8608
  5. The confirmation message did not appear after assigning a preset as it did in previous releases
  6. JPEG urls that used HTTPS were failing
  7. Support for GIF (using the JPEG profile) was broken. 3.8 restores this and adds PNG support.
  8. Foscam 9820 and some Instar camera models experience app crashes when the app is moved to the background and subsequently resumed.
  9. Video recording crashed if the incoming video was rotated.
  10. Many RTSP-based video sources or camera profiles were slow to load. Load times have now been improved by reducing the buffer requirements.
  11. 2-way audio failed for Foscam 9826/9821P and other new H.264 models
  12. Audio failed for Linksys WVC200

We are also working on performance improvements to the Foscam H.264 drivers so that images will load faster. Additional work is being done to improve or correct 2-way audio problems for various camera models. Stability tests run nightly on various models to ensure that baby monitor users will get a full overnight run without any issues. Tests are run against iOS7 (latest official versions) but sometimes we will also check iOS6 and iOS 5 releases. We encourage all camera owners to regularly check for firmware updates from their manufacturer

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