Live Cams Pro 3.9.1 patch release (Updated March 29th)

Live Cams Pro 3.9.1 patch release (Updated March 29th)

The 3.9 release of Live Cams Pro introduced problems with the audio playback for Foscam 89xx model cameras (8918, 8910, etc).┬áThis was immediately corrected but we held off releasing a patch for a week while we gathered customer feedback on other issues or enhancements. Software updates are uploaded to Apple’s iTunes Connect website and then we must wait for 6-8 days until they can get a staff member to review the app for adherence to Apple guidelines. As soon as Apple approves the app it becomes available on iTunes as an update.

At the moment, the update hasn’t yet been approved by Apple. For now we suggest using Foscam’s free app (Foscam Viewer) until the 3.9.1 release of Live Cams Pro appears as a download. We apologize for the problems and the delayed fix.

Also corrected in the 3.9.1 patch is the SD card playback functionality for Foscam 98xx series devices (excluding 9820). Users with firmware version 1.x on their cameras are still operating but Foscam’s new 2.x camera firmware changed the entire SD card command set and broke the feature in our app. The new patch will automatically try the new commands first, then fail over to the older approach for users with outdated firmware.

MARCH 29th UPDATE – The app was previously submitted but had to be removed from the review queue a few days ago because we identified some critical app crashes during use of the video recording feature. This has since been corrected and the app has been resubmitted to Apple. We apologize for the delay but we did manage to fix over 40 reported issues in the 3.9.1 patch release and it took a while to test and approve each of these before the submission could be finalized.

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