Live Cams Pro 3.9.3

Live Cams Pro 3.9.3

Live Cams Pro 3.9.2 has been out for a few days and we’re actively working on new features and some bug fixes in the upcoming 3.9.3 release.

For those who are seeing an error when trying to add your private cameras in Live Cams Pro 3.9.2, please terminate the app by double clicking the home button on your device and then swipe upwards on the Live Cams Pro screenshot to terminate it. Re-launch the app and everything should function properly. This glitch is part of the fixes in 3.9.3 coming out in a few days.

Also part of the 3.9.3 release will be backup/restore functionality. We are providing  a simple method for the app to create backup file with your camera data and then allow this to be emailed as an encrypted attachment. The app will prompt you to create a backup if it is upgrading the database and you will have the ability to initiate manual backups on demand.

Another long awaited feature for audio listen/talk is also in 3.9.3, “full-duplex” support. This option will appear in the Application Settings menu found under the wrench icon of the main app screen. It will let you choose to have the audio continue playing or not while you are using the microphone button to talk to a camera’s speaker. Please keep in mind that enabling full duplex audio will result in a feedback loop because your iOS device will transmit the audio that it is playing back due to the proximity of the speaker and microphone. By default full duplex audio is disabled.

Additional driver enhancements and fixes are all part of 3.9.3, currently under final development and extensive testing.

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