New features in Live Cams Pro

New features in Live Cams Pro

With the recent release of Live Cams Pro comes a bunch of new features, some planned for as long as 6 years!

Push to talk audio

  • for devices that support two-way audio in Live Cams Pro
  • tap and hold the microphone icon and speak, then release to stop transmitting
  • audio playback is muted by default to avoid noisy feedback during transmission

Full duplex audio

  • new option which allows audio to be muted or to continue playing (during audio transmission via push-to-talk)
  • if enabled, audio is not muted while you are speaking & transmitting to the camera from your iOS device
  • from the thumbnail screen (main app screen), click the wrench icon and then select “Application Settings”. Look for the audio options and you will find the new full duplex option

iCloud-synced Application Settings

  • if you have iCloud enabled on your iOS devices, Live Cams Pro will automatically sync across your devices as you modify app settings (thumbnail screen, wrench icon, application settings menu)
  • all settings are synced except for camera data and the “cameras per page” option
  • cameras per page is not synced because you may want to have a different number of thumbnails visible on an iPad vs. iPhone vs iPad mini
  • if you have renamed your private camera groups these will also be synced
  • be careful when changing PIN codes, the PIN is now synced as well and will now affect all of your iOS devices that share the same iCloud account

Camera data backup via email

  • your camera settings can be preserved or shared using email on your iOS device (at least one email account must be configured for this to work)
  • from the thumbnail screen, click the wrench icon, then choose “Backup”
  • when prompted, enter a password (twice) that will be used to secure and encrypt the backup file
  • a pre-filled email form will appear with the backup file attached
  • send the email to yourself or to a someone with which you want to share the data
  • to restore, simply launch your email app on iOS and then tap the icon for the backup file
  • after the backup file is selected, iOS will launch Live Cams Pro and you will be prompted for the backup password

 Improved translations

  • new languages have been added to the existing translations of Live Cams Pro
  • now supports English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
  • some English still remains in certain screens and prompts but we are working to translate as much of the remaining text as possible
  • public camera names will always be in English

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