Live Cams Pro 4.0

Live Cams Pro 4.0

Our latest software release was submitted to Apple for review on September 24 2014. Live Cams Pro 4.0 uses a redesigned user interface and provides a much cleaner look and feel compared to our previous versions. The code has been modified to support advancements unique to iOS7 and iOS8.

(Note: Our initial submission was cancelled after reports of two-way audio issues, now resolved and resubmitted)

Major changes include:

  • Support for iOS8 and iOS7
  • Dropped support for iOS 5/6 and devices that are limited to these releases (this change was necessary to support iOS8)
  • New toolbar icon appearance consistent with iOS (circular buttons for small icons, gradient rectangular buttons for text labels)
  • Reduced icon clutter on the single-camera view. Snapshot and video recording, audio/mic, ptz/presets, edit camera are the only buttons in the lower toolbar. The edit button (wrench icon) brings up a submenu with items like edit, on-camera settings, ir on/off, motion on/off, audio and squelch, etc.
  • The PTZ preset menu is now a slide up list on iPhone and a popup menu on iPad. Additional options (new, save, delete) are available if our app supports these features for the camera.
  • The PTZ button brings up a new joystick control. It is identical to the previous PTZ buttons except that the home button is now moved to the side of the directional controls and in the center of the directional buttons is a joystick icon. Tap and drag the joystick indicator to begin the PTZ movements. When you first tap, the entire button pad will center around your finger, then allow you to drag the joystick until you release your finger.
  • When selecting PTZ on an iPhone, the lower toolbar is automatically hidden to provide the biggest possible screen space for the video and ptz controls. You can restore the toolbar by tapping the small arrow icon next to the direction-pad. This is necessary if you wish to take snapshots or video, or toggle audio when using pan-tilt functions.
  • Updated wireless import/export of data. The app now uses built-in functions from iOS to provide screens which discover your other iOS devices and initiate the connections. As always, select export from the device that you want to use as the source of camera data, and then select import on a second device to import the data. Both must be on the same wifi network for this to work properly.
  • Two-way audio problems found in 3.9.5 on iOS8 are fixed

Unfinished work was excluded from this release in order to get it ready in time for iOS8. The work continues and we will be releasing a number of minor updates to add functionality such as:

  • Dual network address entries for each camera (local and remote addresses in a single camera record)
  • TouchID for authentication instead of PIN codes (on TouchID enabled devices only)
  • Ability to stream MJPEG video on cellular networks instead of pulling JPEG images (the option will be called “Allow high bandwidth on cellular connections”)
  • Adding motion detection on/off capabilities for many camera profiles
  • The ability to turn motion detection on or off for a group of cameras at once (i.e., Home versus away mode)
  • Add motion detection region selection for Foscam devices
  • Schedule customization for motion/sound/temperature alarms on Foscam devices
  • Additional camera drivers and updates
  • Video tutorials and demos will be added to our website in the first week of October 2014

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