Live Cams Pro 4.0.2

Live Cams Pro 4.0.2

The release of 4.0.1 introduced a major change to the UI, updates to some underlying third party libraries and a cleaner approach to many of the menus and features available in Live Cams Pro.

As with any major update, there are a number of issues that have turned up and we’re on it!

Issues reported and already resolved in v4.0.2:

  • On-Camera settings menus fail to display when selected (iPhones/iPods only, iPads work fine).
  • SD card playback for Foscam 98xx series isn’t working
  • App crashes more often than before (was caused after viewing a camera and returning to the thumbnail screen if the camera was on page 2 or higher of the thumbnails).
  • Many complaints about the dark grey background on thumbnail screen. We’ve reverted to black for 4.0.2
  • Video recordings result in┬áblack screens with audio for H.264 and MPEG4 cameras.
  • Thumbnail screen shows 3×3 grid when 8 cameras are displayed. Should show 2×4 or 4×2.

Issues reported and under investigation:

  • ipRobot3 audio is noisy
  • AirLive audio not working
  • Dahua RTSP profile broken
  • Panasonic Profile 4 no longer works

The release was submitted to Apple on Tuesday October 7th after testing of the resolved items was successful. It was approved by Apple on Wednesday October 8th at 5pm EST and will be available in iTunes as an update by the time most people read this article.

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