Live Cams Pro 4.0.4 is under beta test

Live Cams Pro 4.0.4 is under beta test

Live Cams Pro 4.0.4 is currently under initial beta test by our test group (contact us if you’d like to join the group, we just need your email address and first/last name).

Release Notes:

  • Fix for crashes on 98xx models when editing camera settings and returning to the thumbnail screen
  • Added mute options for motion alerts and sounds (under Motion Detection section of the Application Settings menu)
  • Fix for SD card playback on Foscam 98xx when sub stream was in use. Previously this played garbled audio and slow motion video.
  • Return of RTSP thumbnails for HikVision (faster HD streams instead of JPEG thumbnails)
  • Improved Hootoo H.264 profile, added motion detection on/off and alarms, as well as properĀ PTZ and preset functionality
  • Fixes for various camera profiles that were failing in 4.0.3, caused by changes to the RTSP decoder
  • New “Release notes” menu available from the overflow menuĀ on the thumbnail screen. This will point you to our blog post containing the latest news (similar to this post)

We use FFMPEG for RTSP and MPEG/H.264 decoding. This open-source library has undergone thousands of changes in the public domain over the years and roughly 35% of our camera profiles depend on this in some way. If your camera is experiencing problems using RTSP then we urge you to let us know. We can file bug reports to the authors and try to get fixes from them in future releases. The best way to help us with our software is to join our beta test group. This gives you access to the Live Cams Pro updates prior to their availability in iTunes. You can provide feedback electronically and let us know about issues before the release is finalized. It is best to have at least one spare iOS device for this purpose so that you can keep a stable production copy of Live Cams Pro on one, and install the beta releases on a secondary device.

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