Live Cams Pro 4.1 becoming faster and very stable!

Live Cams Pro 4.1 becoming faster and very stable!

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 7.19.25 AM

An overnight run of 8.5 hours with 4 cameras and audio on the thumbnail screen. Consistent memory usage and low CPU, 20-30fps on each source all night


Live Cams Pro 4.1 is now undergoing testing for memory usage and long-term stability using Foscam H.264 camera sources. The screenshot below shows the results of a single Foscam 9826W camera connected to Live Cams Pro.

Test results for v4.1:
30fps @ 1280×960, 16% CPU, 27.1 MB memory usage, 0 lag

Test results for v4.0.4.5 (production copy)
16fps @ 1280×960, 176% CPU, 400MB memory (growing), 2 second lag

We expect to have v4.1 in our beta testers hands next week. This release will reduce battery usage, lower the heat of the device (because of lower CPU and graphics chip usage) and improve the responsiveness of PTZ controls (near 0 lag even on wireless)

The problems were due to two open-source libraries that we added several years ago. One was FFMPEG (the H.264 decoder). It was crashing at random intervals. We have since eliminated this for iOS8 users and now perform hardware decoding.

The second cause of problems were in the networking library (we used GCDAsyncSocket). It was leaking and causing the app to crash once it reached critical levels. More cameras onscreen at once caused more frequent crashes due to the increased leaks. We have since written our own networking source code and eliminated this open source library as well.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 8.27.08 PM

A single 9826W running at 1280×960 shows 15-18% CPU and low memory consumption on an iPad Mini 2.


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