Monthly Archive:: October 2015

Live Cams Pro 4.3.3

Live Cams Pro was uploaded to Apple on October 22nd 2015. At the time that this article was written it is still waiting for Apple’s review. This version provides an important change which will give owners of Foscam HD cameras a choice of which driver to use. We recently … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.3 and the Foscam SDK

As of v4.3 we now use the official Foscam SDK (software developer kit). This is a module of code that we include in our app to replace all of our reverse-engineered and unofficial code. As a result of embedding the SDK we now support features like P2P and Ambarella devices. Unfortunately, … Read more

Latest news and updates

We have been very busy this summer and have not had much to say on the blog until now. After working on iOS9 support for a few months we finally completed Live Cams Pro v4.3 in mid September. It was submitted to Apple for review on October 1st. Some of … Read more
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