Latest news and updates

Latest news and updates

We have been very busy this summer and have not had much to say on the blog until now. After working on iOS9 support for a few months we finally completed Live Cams Pro v4.3 in mid September. It was submitted to Apple for review on October 1st. Some of the notable updates in this release are the inclusion of the official Foscam SDK and P2P support for their H.264 models. We also added slide-over and side-by-side support for iPads using iOS9.

As we wait for the 4.3 release to be approved by Apple we have been hard at work on v4.4! The major feature update for this release will be ONVIF support. At the time this article was written we already have device discovery (scan network) and streaming video or jpeg support. We aim to have PTZ and 1-way audio working before the 4.4 release is completed. This will add support for over 5000 hardware devices using the ONVIF Profile S standard.

Also under development are two new apps for the upcoming tvOS on Apple TV. We will be offering Live Cams Pro TV (a simplified TV version of Live Cams Pro) and Globalcams TV for viewing public webcams. We will offer all of our products separately on the App Store as well as in bundles so that you can purchase multiple products at a reduced price. Globalcams TV will be offered for $0.99 US on a permanent basis. Pricing for Live Cams Pro TV is not yet available.

Our Android product is also undergoing a major redesign. It is receiving a UI update to make the icons and controls similar to Live Cams Pro. We’re also working to add H.264 and RTSP support along with dozens of new profiles and features. Pinch-zoom, scan network and many other improvements are underway. Expected release dates are not yet announced, as we will release as soon as we get a stable version with most of these features.

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