Live Cams Pro 4.3.3

Live Cams Pro 4.3.3

Live Cams Pro was uploaded to Apple on October 22nd 2015. At the time that this article was written it is still waiting for Apple’s review.

This version provides an important change which will give owners of Foscam HD cameras a choice of which driver to use. We recently introduced the official Foscam SDK into our application and this has caused problems for many users. The SDK is not stable and does not reliably connect to all devices and models. Unfortunately the Foscam SDK is the only way to get P2P support in the application. Rather than removing P2P we have decided to allow users to connect using Foscam’s SDK if P2P is enabled for a particular device. If the P2P option is disabled (in the add/edit camera screen) then the app will connect using our original stable driver created by Eggman Technologies. This also allows HTTPS to be used since our driver utilizes CGI functions and HTTP/HTTPS.

To reiterate, disable P2P if you wish to use Eggman Tech’s driver. Foscam has not updated their SDK in over 3 months so we cannot predict if/when they will resolve their various bugs.

SD card playback is still not functioning with the old Eggman Tech driver for reasons that we are still investigating. We hope to have it working again soon.

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