Live Cams Pro 4.3 and the Foscam SDK

Live Cams Pro 4.3 and the Foscam SDK

As of v4.3 we now use the official Foscam SDK (software developer kit). This is a module of code that we include in our app to replace all of our reverse-engineered and unofficial code. As a result of embedding the SDK we now support features like P2P and Ambarella devices. Unfortunately, the official SDK from Foscam has many flaws compared to our own code and as a result there are a few features that are broken or modified from previous releases.

One of the most common changes for existing Foscam H.264 devices is the need to turn off HTTPS. The official SDK uses a pure binary protocol to communicate with the camera and we no longer issue any HTTP commands at all. This eliminates the need for HTTPS (as it simply encrypts the HTTP requests, which we no longer use). The binary protocol transmits all of the PTZ, on-camera settings, and other camera commands in a custom format that doesn’t use web requests. Your data is just as secure as it was previously, except that it needs to connect to the same port as the HTTP requests used. This is confusing because it makes it appear as though you are reverting to unsecured HTTP. Do not fear! Turning off the HTTPS setting will not cause you to introduce risk to your setup. If you enable P2P you will be happy to know that it also supports encrypted transfers automatically.

V1 cameras cannot connect with the Foscam SDK. We have repeatedly pressured Foscam to resolve this but they recommend using an older app to view the cameras. It doesn’t sound like they are interested in investing time to correct this. We urge you to contact to apply the needed pressure….

SD card playback is also broken, although when we reported this to them in August it sounded like they would try to have a fix by late October.


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