Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I add my camera into your applications, will it be visible to others? Is the information private?

A. Nothing will ever be visible to others. Information you add into the application is stored in a local file on your device only. We do not publish any information to other users or any servers. It isn’t possible for any of our own staff to obtain information that you enter into the application. All information is private and local to your iOS/Android device.

Q. Do you support my IP Camera / DVR / NVR / webcam?

A. Check our supported cameras list on this website.

Q: I can view my camera on wifi but on cellular connections or on someone else’s wifi network I cannot. Why?

A. Your router blocks external access to your networked devices at home. You must explicitly configure your router to allow certain “ports” to be opened and then routed to your surveillance devices. This is called “port forwarding” and it is described in this article: