November 19, 2016 ONVIF


We’ve been very busy in the past few months, focusing mostly on the development of a new ONVIF camera profile. ONVIF is an industry standard interface used to monitor, control and administer IP cameras and NVR/DVR devices. With one single standard we will be able to support over 7000+ compatible hardware … Read more

Android Products Discontinued

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the cancellation of our Android product line. We have invested a great deal of time, money and effort over the years but have never turned a profit on our Android software. The myLiveCams products utilized two full-time staff members for a … Read more

Live Cams Pro v4.4.x

We recently finished 3 months of development on a major application update to support dual network addressing. This effort involved a great deal of core networking changes and database modifications to support the feature. We cautiously implemented changes and released 9 different beta versions to our testers. There were 45 … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.3.3

Live Cams Pro was uploaded to Apple on October 22nd 2015. At the time that this article was written it is still waiting for Apple’s review. This version provides an important change which will give owners of Foscam HD cameras a choice of which driver to use. We recently … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.3 and the Foscam SDK

As of v4.3 we now use the official Foscam SDK (software developer kit). This is a module of code that we include in our app to replace all of our reverse-engineered and unofficial code. As a result of embedding the SDK we now support features like P2P and Ambarella devices. Unfortunately, … Read more

Latest news and updates

We have been very busy this summer and have not had much to say on the blog until now. After working on iOS9 support for a few months we finally completed Live Cams Pro v4.3 in mid September. It was submitted to Apple for review on October 1st. Some of … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.2.1 submitted to Apple for review

In the 4.2.1 patch release we have completed minor fixes to various features based on reported issues from 4.2 These include: PTZ Presets failing to load for particular camera profiles Video recording sometimes fails (seems to be dependent on the frame rate of the camera and the duration of the recording) … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.1 becoming faster and very stable!

  Live Cams Pro 4.1 is now undergoing testing for memory usage and long-term stability using Foscam H.264 camera sources. The screenshot below shows the results of a single Foscam 9826W camera connected to Live Cams Pro. Test results for v4.1: 30fps @ 1280×960, 16% CPU, 27.1 MB memory usage, … Read more
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