November 19, 2016 ONVIF

Live Cams Pro 4.1 is now being alpha-tested

Live Cams Pro 4.1 is now being alpha-tested (internal testing only). We have removed FFMPEG (the open-source H.264 decoder software) in the hopes that we can stop the random crashes seen while viewing Foscam H.264 cameras. This has been happening for nearly 2 years and we have now found a … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.0.4 is under beta test

Live Cams Pro 4.0.4 is currently under initial beta test by our test group (contact us if you’d like to join the group, we just need your email address and first/last name). Release Notes: Fix for crashes on 98xx models when editing camera settings and returning to the thumbnail screen … Read more

Forum account registration DISABLED

Due to ridiculous volumes of fake accounts and spam on the forums we have been forced to disable the registration module. Please send an email to us with your concerns instead of using the forums: support eggmantechnologies com We may restore the registration process in the future but … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.0.3

January 15, 2015 – Live Cams Pro 4.0.3 Live Cams Pro 4.0.3 is the latest release of our iOS application for mobile surveillance. Some of the main changes¬†found in Live Cams Pro 4.0.3: Return of the PTZ slider controls for Canon and Axis PTZ cameras Addition of temperature display (realtime) … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.0.2

The release of 4.0.1 introduced a major change to the UI, updates to some underlying third party libraries and a cleaner approach to many of the menus and features available in Live Cams Pro. As with any major update, there are a number of issues that have turned up and … Read more

Live Cams Pro 4.0

Our latest software release was submitted to Apple for review on September 24 2014. Live Cams Pro 4.0 uses a redesigned user interface and provides a much cleaner look and feel compared to our previous versions. The code has been modified to support advancements unique to¬†iOS7 and iOS8. (Note: Our … Read more
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