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Rejected Again!

Apple has finally reviewed Live Cams 2.41 and has sent me another rejection notice. This time they claim that my app name has keywords (the same reason they rejected me on August 9th) but it does not. The app name that I submitted was simply “Live Cams”. They didn’t even … Read more

Still no update from Apple….

It has been almost a month since I released the 2.41 version to Apple and there’s still no sign of a review from them. For those who are sending emails asking about the release, I can’t offer any information. I have made many phone calls to developer support, emailed the … Read more

#1 in Spain !!!!!!!

I’ve been very negative about things with the Apple review process lately and feel that I’ve neglected to mention some of the GOOD things that are going on with the application. As I am writing this post, LIVE CAMS IS THE #1 APPLICATION IN THE SPANISH APP STORE! To date, … Read more

19 days

Apple has had the 2.41 release for 19 days now…. still nothing released. According to my webserver logs they haven’t even loaded it once. Read more

Beaches, beaches and MORE beaches!

In the 2.41 release, searches have been added and some default queries are available. I submitted the release to Apple with a search that looks for the keyword “Beaches” in the camera name or in the keyword metadata that I started to add to some cameras. I now realize that … Read more
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