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Adding private cameras into Live Cams Pro

To add cameras: 1) Launch the app 2) Press the “+” sign on the lower toolbar to add a camera 3) See the default “profile” on the add camera screen and notice it is called “Foscam 891x Series”. If the camera that you are adding is a model that begins … Read more

Configuring Live Cams Pro 3.4

We’ve made a few cosmetic changes in version 3.4 regarding the startup options for Live Cams Pro on iOS. Here’s how to make the most of your app: Launching the app with a specific set of cameras each time Prior to version 3.4, the option for setting the launch camera … Read more

Contacting Support – Help us help you!

Just a quick note to those of you who actively contact our tech support staff for assistance via email. We receive (and answer) hundreds of emails during the average week. Roughly half of the emails are descriptive and provide good information about what it is that the customer is attempting … Read more

Photo Album Permissions in iOS

We recently received an app review from a concerned customer regarding app permissions and privacy. His concern is regarding the need for access to your photos app so that the snapshot feature will work in Live Cams Pro. We would like to reassure everyone that the app is merely saving … Read more

Live Cams Pro Teaser #2

Hopefully you enjoyed the  first teaser and are excited about the new changes that await in the release of Live Cams Pro 2.0.  So it’s about time to show you the newly redesigned GUI for the iPad.                   As you can see … Read more

Live Cams Pro 2.0 Update

Live Cams Pro 2.0 has been submitted to Apple on July 19th and should be available on iTunes shortly. The LCP 2.0 release has a newly redesigned GUI and audio for Foscam H.264 cameras.  LCP 2.0 also has improved audio support for Compro, Lorex, Y-Cam and Foscam cameras for those … Read more
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