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Live Cams Pro v1.93 Available!

Live Cams Pro v1.93 is now available on iTunes. The latest release contains a number of essential driver fixes or enhancements for SecuritySpy, Linksys/Cisco, Panasonic and Axis devices. We’ve also continued to add more advanced settings to the app without re-releasing the app binary. Most recently we’ve added Axis camera … Read more

Live Cams Pro v1.92 Release Announcement

Clearly we made a mistake on our 1.91 release when we broke the PTZ presets (and some PTZ movement controls). The problem was caused when a network function stopped transmitting authorization info (username/pw) along with the requests. As soon as the bug was reported we issued a patch labelled v1.92 … Read more

Status update

Recently our v1.91 release of Live Cams Pro was introduced on iTunes. It resolves a reported crash that sometimes occurred when leaving a fullscreen camera view. Shortly after release we received reports of problems with PTZ presets for all camera profiles. We fixed the preset issue and released v1.92 to … Read more

Top Ranked App!

Live Cams Pro is currently the top ranked paid utility app in Italy! Other notables: #1 paid utility app for iPad in Italy #2 paid utility app for iPhone in France #8 paid utility app for iPhone in Canada (recently #2) #9 paid utility app for iPhone in Germany (recently … Read more

Dynamic DNS and Port Forwarding Revisited

After several years of supporting our Live Cams products we still find that Dynamic DNS and port forwarding is the biggest challenge for most people to understand. Let’s explain some basics first: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HOST, AN IP ADDRESS AND A PORT?Devices on your home network use … Read more is no longer free – Try

We have just been notified that the free dynamic dns hosting service at “” has moved to a paid-only business model. For those of you who wish to remain with their systems, here is a description of their changes: For those of you who want to switch to a … Read more
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