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Astak Mole and YOICS

While working on our latest version of Live Cams (4.9) we spent some time looking at our competition on the App Store. To this day it surprises us how much money some people are spending on applications that do very little compared to ours! The latest example is an app … Read more

New features arriving soon!

We are still waiting for the 4.80 and 1.80 releases of Live Cams and Live Cams HD to be approved by Apple. With these releases come several exciting new features (among other enhancements)! TV OUTFor those using an iPad or iPhone 4 with a component video cable or a VGA … Read more

Hermosa Beach Camera and Hotel Riccione in Italy

For those who are interested in a decent HD view of a beach, I highly recommend the Hermosa Beach HD camera. You can add the camera using Axis Profile 1 and the following information: Profile: Axis Profile 4IP: 8000Camera #: 1 I am not going to add the camera into … Read more

Identity Theft – An Acceptable Practice with Apple

It seems that identity theft is something that is A-OK with Apple. Yang Ke from QUUS.US has stolen my app name, product logo and app description, in addition to my camera database which is password protected because it is intellectual property that I created and belongs to me. Since stealing … Read more

BP Oil Spill

Lately we have been getting a lot of requests for the BP Oil Spill video feed. This feed is currently being streamed using a video format that is not compatible with Live Cams. There are however several cameras included in the public lists that may show the effects of oil … Read more

Barry will be live on cam shortly!

My wife Lorrie and I are in Dallas on vacation and will be visiting the leafy sea dragon cam at the Dallas World Aquarium. We’ll snap our own pic and post it shortly!!! Sadly I forgot to make a sign but will wave and point to my iPhone. Update:We did … Read more

Database updated – Jan 23

I’ve done another weekly sweep of the database to see how many dead links should be removed or temporarily disabled. For those of you who wonder about the contents here are some figures: There are a total of 4879 cameras in the database 1539 are currently disabled (because they fail … Read more
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