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Live Cams Pro 4.0

Our latest software release was submitted to Apple for review on September 24 2014. Live Cams Pro 4.0 uses a redesigned user interface and provides a much cleaner look and feel compared to our previous versions. The code has been modified to support advancements unique to iOS7 and iOS8. (Note: Our … Read more

New features in Live Cams Pro

With the recent release of Live Cams Pro comes a bunch of new features, some planned for as long as 6 years! Push to talk audio for devices that support two-way audio in Live Cams Pro tap and hold the microphone icon and speak, then release to stop transmitting audio … Read more

Live Cams Pro 3.9.3

Live Cams Pro 3.9.2 has been out for a few days and we’re actively working on new features and some bug fixes in the upcoming 3.9.3 release. For those who are seeing an error when trying to add your private cameras in Live Cams Pro 3.9.2, please terminate the app … Read more

Live Cams Pro 3.8

We’re now running longevity/stability tests on the 3.8 release of Live Cams Pro for iOS. Once we are satisfied that it meets stability requirements we will submit it to Apple for review. It contains a number of fixes for issues identified in 3.7: Rotated images (using flip/mirror/90 degrees/270 degrees options … Read more

Live Cams Pro v2.0 Coming Soon ….

We have been indicating Live Cams Pro v1.94 would be the next version released but this is no longer the case.  There have been enough significant changes to Live Cams Pro that we decided that it was worthy of an increment of the major release version. As a result we … Read more

Live Cams Pro v1.92 Release Announcement

Clearly we made a mistake on our 1.91 release when we broke the PTZ presets (and some PTZ movement controls). The problem was caused when a network function stopped transmitting authorization info (username/pw) along with the requests. As soon as the bug was reported we issued a patch labelled v1.92 … Read more
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