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Status update

Recently our v1.91 release of Live Cams Pro was introduced on iTunes. It resolves a reported crash that sometimes occurred when leaving a fullscreen camera view. Shortly after release we received reports of problems with PTZ presets for all camera profiles. We fixed the preset issue and released v1.92 to … Read more

Known bugs in Live Cams Pro v1.6

Apple reviewed and released the 1.6 patch yesterday and the high priority bugs were eliminated. We have now been working on the 1.7 release and can report on a few of the bugs that are being addressed: Known 1.6 Issues – Fixed in v1.7 Foscam audio playback is poppy/scratchy/clicky in … Read more

Live Cams Pro v1.5 (+ v1.6 patch)

Our latest release is now available in the app store and it is quickly generating a lot of interest. We’d like to report on several bugs that have been reported so far: 1) Anyone who had an unlicensed version of Live Cams Pro prior to 1.5 should wait for a … Read more

Updates to our Live Cams Pro Product

After our launch this weekend we have found that a change to our approach is necessary. Our intention with the latest software release was to get into a “freemium” business model. This allows everyone to see our product and experience it without having to blindly purchase it first. We know … Read more

Live Cams Pro now available!

You’ve probably noticed a slowdown in the updates for Live Cams in 2011. This was due to our intense efforts to produce an entirely new product – Live Cams Pro! What’s new with this app? Why should you get it? Here’s the scoop: It’s a FREE download. You no longer … Read more

iCamView Profile broken in v4.90 and v4.91

It has been brought to our attention that the iCamView camera profile is no longer working (the last working release if v4.8). We have verified this and have fixed the problem but will not be able to release another update until Apple reopens after the holidays. For now, you can … Read more

Live Cams HD 1.9 – Image size change!

As requested by many of our Live Cams HD users, the iPad release now shows cameras at their native resolution by default. This means that after selecting a thumbnail and launching the video screen the cameras will often load as a smaller size than before. This is because the camera … Read more
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