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Live Cams HD – Delayed

We have a few more user interface glitches to resolve before we are satisfied with the quality of the release. We expect a few more days of development and testing before we submit the software to Apple for review. This delay also applies to Live Cams 4.0 which is partly … Read more

3.6 Release STILL under review….

This is all I see as a developer, no idea what’s taking so long….. UPDATE: Late on April 19th I was phoned by Apple to let me know that the submission was rejected. They asked me to remove the popup that says I’m pulling less bandwidth on 3G connections under … Read more

MayGion camera support coming in Live Cams 3.7

Just a quick note to everyone with MayGion cameras. I’ve just added a new camera profile and PTZ support for IP cameras using the latest firmware from Many thanks to Anthony Diehlman for allowing us to use his camera for testing. It’s largely due to customers like Anthony that … Read more

Live Cams 3.6 submitted to Apple for approval today

I’ve been a little slow to get the next release out but after many spot-checks and continued testing I’ve finally put it into Apple’s hands for review. Here’s the release notes: Added DLink 5220 preset support. Added Compro camera profile. Axis devices were not always showing the full list of … Read more

Version 3.5 on the way shortly!

I’ve been very hard at work since the 3.2 release went out and can finally announce that the 3.5 release is almost ready for submission to Apple! I’ve added support for many new cameras, adjusted the gui for preset lists, added a battery level indicator and clock, and more! Here … Read more
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