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The Impact of App Reviews

App reviews are a great way to receive feedback on a product. One concern we have is that you must be cautious about the level of knowledge that reviewers have about the products. A good example of this: After the tsunami in Japan we received a review in the German … Read more

KHAS-TV Report on Live Cams in the Community

Curt Kasper from News 5 KHAS-TV in Nebraska has just completed a report about Live Cams in the local community. Here’s the clip that was aired January 26th, 2011: Click here for a free download of the latest Adobe Flash Player. And you can read the rest of the article … Read more

Some responses to app reviews

Once every so often I take a break from the usual support emails and development to just read some app reviews and see what people are saying about the app. After reading a few more today I’m finding that the content is the usual mix of relevant, irrelevant and impossible … Read more

Looking for app reviewer – "Finatik"

Could the person going by the name of “Finatik” please contact me via I just read an app review by this person who claims that my app published private camera data to the web. This is not true (not even possible with my app in any way). The opposite … Read more

MacWorld Review

Tim Mercer has just completed a review of Live Cams and the article is available on the MacWorld website. You can read the full article here. It’s a fairly straightforward review with an objective viewpoint. Thanks Tim! Read more

More fun with App Reviews

I’m starting to finally take a mental break from iPhone development but can’t quite tear myself away from reading reviews and checking support emails. I’m so worried that taking a few days off will result in the loss of my #1 spot in the US! Realistically it’s out of my … Read more
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