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Adding your Foscam camera into Live Cams Pro

This article will outline the basic steps necessary to add and monitor your Foscam-branded camera into Live Cams Pro. There are several ways to do this and I will show you each method in detail. Method 1 – Scan the local network to discover the camera automatically Launch Live Cams … Read more

Adding private cameras into Live Cams Pro

To add cameras: 1) Launch the app 2) Press the “+” sign on the lower toolbar to add a camera 3) See the default “profile” on the add camera screen and notice it is called “Foscam 891x Series”. If the camera that you are adding is a model that begins … Read more

Configuring Live Cams Pro 3.4

We’ve made a few cosmetic changes in version 3.4 regarding the startup options for Live Cams Pro on iOS. Here’s how to make the most of your app: Launching the app with a specific set of cameras each time Prior to version 3.4, the option for setting the launch camera … Read more

Getting the most out of Live Cams Pro

Here are a few quick tips for new Live Cams Pro users: Hide or Show Thumbnail LabelsA simple swipe upwards on the thumbnails will remove the labels from the screen. This is useful if you want to maximize the viewing space available on your iPhone. To bring the labels back … Read more

Locking the screen orientation on your device

Many people have asked for a screen orientation lock feature in Live Cams. We have not bothered with this because Apple has added a built-in feature to OS 4.2. When running any app, simply double-tap the home button on your device to get the task switcher bar to appear at … Read more
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