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Pinch Zoom!

As many of you have noticed, the latest versions of Live Cams and Live Cams HD support pinch zoom on the video screen. This allows you to digitally zoom (stretch the pixels) any camera in the app. To use this feature, simply use two fingers and pinch or expand while … Read more

Camera Resolution

Many people ask about the resolution settings for various cameras in either Live Cams or Live Cams HD. There is an important setting within the application (and in your camera firmware) that must be used to obtain optimal results. Higher Resolution versus Faster VideoYou will see this option in the … Read more

Dynamic DNS Lessons

The most common question (by far) that I get via support requests is the following: “My private camera only loads on my Wifi network. I can’t reach it on 3G or on the Wifi at work. Why not?” The reason is due to the way that IP addresses and TCP … Read more

Common App Problems – How to Resolve Them

Quite often I receive emails from people who cannot load the app or when the app loads it doesn’t display any cameras. In both cases its likely that the database is corrupted and the only solution is to remove the application and reinstall it. To remove the app: 1. Launch … Read more

Adding your private IP cameras to Live Cams

This is a tricky topic to approach so I’ll cover the basics and perhaps write some more detailed blog posts in the coming weeks. Adding your IP camera to Live Cams can be very easy and straightforward if you are using one of the more common devices, but many older … Read more

Adding cameras found on the Internet – Part 1

I’ve been asked a countless number of times about how to add cameras from the internet into Live Cams. It can be really easy at times and sometimes just plain confusing. To begin with, lets add some simple traffic cameras from the Oregon Department of Transportation. The website is found … Read more

Using Live Cams to view a webcam on a Mac

Many people are asking how to configure Live Cams for viewing their personal webcams attached to either a PC or Mac. This post will discuss the particulars for getting a webcam working with a Mac. Before we begin, let’s make it clear that the webcam will be viewable in Live … Read more
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