Live Cams Pro for iOS

Live Cams Pro is an iOS only mobile application for viewing and controlling your private IP surveillance cameras. One application can be used to view content from dozens of major brands and thousands of compatible models.

Depending on the device, Live Cams Pro may be able to control PTZ, provide one or two way audio, detect motion, alarm when volume exceeds a configured limit, listen to camera audio while the app is in the background, and more. The home screen allows for multiple thumbnails with live video to be previewed. Tapping a thumbnail provides full screen viewing and controls for that device. There are no limits to how many cameras you can enter into the app, and all data is private. We do not operate any servers or transmit information about the cameras from your phone to any external systems. If you have multiple iOS devices you can export data from one and import to another (via encrypted email attachments or wirelessly over bluetooth).