My speaker icon turns blue and I can’t hear any sound. Why?

The app has a feature called “Squelch”. This feature allows you to set a minimum audio volume at which audio must reach before it can be heard in the app. Most people use this to eliminate the sound of ambient room noise but to still hear their baby cry. Any sounds below the assigned volume level will be muted and the speaker icon turns blue to indicate that audio is working, but muted due to the squelch settings. The icon is green when audio is playing without being muted, and grey when audio playback is not active.

Squelch settings may be adjusted in the single camera view by tapping the wrench icon on the top right side of the camera title bar.

What is the running man icon for?

This is the toggle switch for motion detection on your camera. The Live Cams Pro application does not perform motion detection itself, but it can enable or disable the built-in settings for some of the more popular camera models in the market. If the icon is green then the motion detection is active, grey if it is not. On some camera drivers we do not support querying the status and the icon will always be grey. For these you must manually press the button and choose if the motion should be active or not.

The button remains disabled for camera profiles which we do not offer this feature.

Public Cameras

Why are my favorite public cameras not loading all the time?

Some public cameras go offline during certain time periods. Many cameras are under heavy data loads and simply stop responding due to the network traffic. It’s also possible that the cameras are being repaired or have been shut down by the owners. We review the list of public cameras frequently and attempt to recover dead links or mark inactive cameras as “hidden”. If a camera comes back online at a later date we restore the camera to the list and it will again appear in the app. Over time the popular cameras are often shut down by the owners due to high bandwidth costs so it’s necessary for us to continuously locate and add new content to keep the app going.

Setup / Installation

How do configure the app so that I can reach my camera when away from home?

Live Cams Pro v4.4 supports dual addressing for each camera. You enter a set of connection details for a “local address” which is used when you are on the same wifi network as the camera itself. A second optional set of details can be enabled for the “remote address”. These are used when your iPhone/iPad is on a cellular network or when you are on someone else’s wifi connection. Your router must have either one or two ports open (one for HTTP, the other for RTSP if our app prompts for RTSP port). These ports should be configured for “port forwarding” in your router and they should send data to the camera’s IP address and HTTP or RTSP port on the local network.

You can sign up for text-based nicknames called “Dynamic DNS host names” at http://www.noip.com

With a custom host name that you select, such as “guesthousecamera.no-ip.org” you can simply enter this host into our app and it will then know how to get to your router. The text-based nickname simply points to the router IP address so that you don’t have to memorize it and key it in. Every so often your router will automatically be assigned a new IP address by your network provider, so it is strongly advised that you download a “client updater” from no-ip. These programs will run on your desktop computer as a background task and they will periodically update your no-ip account so that the proper router address is always used, even after it changes without your knowledge.

Tutorials are available on many manufacturer websites for how to configure port-forwarding with their specific camera models.

The application doesn’t save photos or videos to the Photos app. Why?

When an iOS app first tries to save content to the Photos app, iOS prompts you for permission. If you choose the “Decline” option then the app will not be allowed to save content and will be blocked by the operating system. To change your setting, launch the “Settings” app (not Live Cams Pro) and follow the “Privacy” and “Photos” menus. Find Live Cams Pro in the list and re-enable the access. Re-launch Live Cams Pro and it will now be able to save snapshots and video again.

My cameras were working yesterday (or earlier) and now they fail to load. What happened?

If your app settings have not been changed and the cameras fail to load (where they previously worked fine) then you need to check your network. There are several things that can happen without your involvement to cause this problem.

First, check to see if your camera has a new IP address after a power loss or reboot. If you have configured your cameras to use DHCP then it is possible for them to automatically obtain the next available IP on your network when they boot up. Your router assigns the IP addresses for DHCP. If you want to guarantee the same IP address you should use a static IP address in the camera’s network settings instead of DHCP. If you have configured your router to allow remote access to your camera from external networks then you must also update the port forwarding configuration to match the new camera IP.

Second, check your router to see if it has been assigned a new IP address by your internet provider. This can happen at any time because routers typically operate on a “lease time” after which they can receive new addresses. If your router has a new IP address you will need to update the app or update your DNS provider’s account to reflect the changes. DNS host names are simple text labels assigned to your router. Your account (such as dyndns.org or no-ip.com) needs to point to the correct router IP address or you won’t be able to access your camera remotely through the router’s firewall.

Test the new settings using Safari on your iPhone or iPad and make sure that the new addresses work when using both Wifi and cell networks. If your mobile browser can’t reach the camera then the application won’t be able to either. Don’t bother testing the mobile app until you can successfully use Safari to access the camera’s login web interface. Contact your camera or router manufacturer for assistance with this part of network setup, then contact us for help with the app if you are still unable to load video but testing succeeds with the mobile browser.

I bought this app and it doesn’t work with my camera. How can I get a refund?

In iTunes you should log into your account and then “report a problem” with the app. Tell Apple why you feel a refund is necessary and they will handle the transactions. As a developer we do not process sales or handle returns so it is necessary to go through the process with Apple’s system. This article explains the steps involved: http://www.knowyourmobile.com/products/7746/how-get-refund-itunes-app-store

How do I backup my content

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable and then in iTunes you can right-click on the device name to see the backup menu

How can I install the app on multiple devices

This article explains

Apple allows you to install a purchased iOS app on any number of devices as long as they all use the same Apple ID. iTunes uses your Apple ID account to help sync and update each device. If you need to use a separate Apple ID for another family member or iOS device then you will need to purchase the app again under that account. Purchases of iOS applications do not entitle you to free copies of our Android products. As a small business we need your support to continue our efforts on each product and platform.

Supported Devices

Is my camera supported

Check this list of devices to see if your make/model is known to be supported. If it does not appear on the list and the device claims to support JPEG or MJPEG video then please send us an email to support@eggmantechnologies.com with the connection details and we will investigate. We must be able to reach your device via the internet on a remote network (via dynamic dns or port forwarding).