There has been some changes to the thumbnails screen from previous versions of Live Cams Pro.  Here’s what’s new on the thumbnail screen for Live Cams Pro as of v5.x.

Supported Gestures:

  • Swipe up or down on the thumbnails (one finger) to toggle the camera label visibility.
  • Swipe up or down on the thumbnails (two fingers) to toggle the lower toolbar visibility.
  • Swipe left or right to switch between pages of available cameras.
  • Long-press (press and hold) a particular thumbnail to bring up a context-sensitive menu of options for the camera.

Camera Icon:

  • Press this to bring up a list of camera categories or groups to view. You may choose between the public camera lists or your own private security devices.
  • In public camera mode you can choose between various categories of cameras (not all are categorized), choose to view a random set of cameras, favourites, newly added cameras and cameras nearby based on GPS.
  • In private mode you can select all cameras, favourites, or one of your pre-defined groups of cameras (up to 9) which you can customize the group name.

Globe Icon:

  • Shows the current group of cameras on a world map
  • Both public and private cameras are displayed (if GPS coordinates are entered).
  • Location search functionality is available by enter the name in the search bar.
  • Red pins indicate approximate camera location via GeoIP and green pins indicate camera which have a supplied GPS coordinates.
  • Select a pin to obtain more information about the selected camera.  Users can zoom in/out on the location or launch the camera buy selecting the right arrow.
  • A GPS locator button can identify your location to show you which cameras (within the database) are near by.
  • Users have a choice of map, satellite or a hybrid view.

Search Icon:

  • This menu allows you to perform simple searches of the camera database accessible from either public or private mode.
  • Results returned are for both public and private cameras.
  • Searches can be done by camera name, category, country/region or by camera type .  User can combine the various parameters to narrow down their searches.
  • There is a query limit of 2000 results.

Add Camera Icon:

  • This menu allows you to add your own private cameras to the app.  This is a large topic and is discussed in more detail here (coming shortly).
  • This data is not published anywhere and the data is stored securely on your device.  No other app users can access this information.
  • If you wish to share the camera across other devices you own you can use the Import/Export feature found in the Options – Application Settings menus.

Actions Icon:

  • Allows you to backup your camera data to an encrypted file sent to an email address
  • Wirelessly import/export camera settings from one iOS device to another
  • Force the app to update the public camera listings. This option will only work once after each update from the app store. Public camera listings are embedded in the app and not pulled from a server.

Settings Icon:

  • Application Settings – Toggle or set various options to alter the overall behavior of the application (audio start/stop behavior for private cams, PIN codes for app security, startup with specific camera groups and more!)
  • Reorder Cameras – Only available in private mode.  Users are able to reorder their collection of private cameras.